Residents' Rooms

Each room is equipped with ensuite restrooms, television and phone, a wardrobe, and a table and chair sitting area.

A bedroom showing the nightstand and seating area. A bedroom showing a large window and decor. A bedroom showing the dresser, wardrobe, and TV included for every resident.

Kitchen and Dining

Our newly renovated kitchen and dining room will make every meal feel like a trip to a fancy restaurant. With a full-time chef and a dedicated waitstaff, we serve wonderful dishes nearly around the clock.

We offer breakfast from 7am to 11am, followed by morning tea. Lunch runs from 12:45 to 2pm, followed by afternoon tea at 2:30. A full evening meal is offered between 5 and 6pm, with supper following at 7pm, and an option for late supper as well.

The newly renovated dining hall with large mirrors, fireplace, and several comfortable tables. A long view of the dining hall with several tables and chairs. A close-up view of a table in the dining hall with a small vase and flower. Blueberry cake squares for desert. Andrea serving a lovely afternoon tea. Chocolate brownie squares for desert. Beautifully plated meatloaf with mashed potatoes and delicious gravy. Crepes and chocolate pudding for pancake day!

Recreational Areas

We have multiple spaces to congregate, where you can enjoy the company of other residents or relax in peace and quiet on your own.

With two spacious lounges, a conservatory, an orchard, a quiet room, and a cozy snug, there is a space for every occasion and every mood.

A wide view of the main common area filled with red and green cozy armchairs. A wide view of the main common area filled with red and green cozy armchairs. The fireplace in the main common area. Side tables and games tables in the main common area. A wide view of the main common area filled with red and green cozy armchairs. A comfortable seating area between a large window and cute fireplace. Another spacious and well-lit seating area with comfortable chairs. Another spacious and well-lit seating area with comfortable chairs and a large fireplace. Another spacious seating area with comfortable chairs on either side of a large fireplace.

Medical Facilities

Asgard Lodge is capable of tending to most nursing and care needs. When needed, we allow for your family physician to make a housecall as well.

With a newly finished nurse's station and medical treatment room, you are always sure to get the best care in a timely fashion. We have, of course, upgraded all safety precautions to meet the needs and concerns of the current pandemic.

The Covid-ready vaccination station with refridgerator. Two nurses and a resident smiling for the camera.

Other Spaces

Asgard Lodge has 6 additional restrooms, a laundry room for both home and resident use, 2 offices, a staff room, a housekeepers room, and 2 storage areas. We even boast our very own secluded gardens with an enclosed veranda and courtyard, so you can connect with the outdoors whenever you want!

A large outdoor seating area in the back yard. A lovely water feature and stone bench in the back yard. Several planter boxes line the wall of the garden shed filled with supplies for the staff and residents to enjoy the outdoors. The main foyer at the entrance with cozy two-seater sofa and tasteful decor. A brightly lit stairwell with decorations on shelves around the area. An outdoor garden table and two small chairs looking out into the front yard. Andrea, the owner and operator, relaxing in the garden after her shift. The beautiful blue armchairs in the garden veranda.