Asgard Lodge
Nursing Home

Caring for the elderly of Arklow
since 1996


Our ethos is to empower and enable each resident to maximize their abilities and live life to the fullest, according to their wishes.

Daily routines are carried out at the resident’s pace, with an emphasis on maximizing personal control, enabling choice, and maintaining respect and dignity. By taking the time to get to know each of our residents, we cultivate a friendly and happy atmosphere that residents, relatives, and staff alike warm to right away.

It is our objective to promote the greatest possible independence of each and every resident, no matter their level of care dependency.

A seating area in the garden with benches and flower boxes.

Quality of Life

Our aim is to enhance the quality of life of our residents. This is achieved by embracing all aspects of health and social care within an environment designed and equipped to provide a first-class standard of care within a peaceful and homely setting.

We offer a wide range of daily activities, and staff members are always available to ensure everyone is able to participate. Residents will be encouraged to mix, however, no pressure will be exerted on those who do not wish to.

Asgard Lodge strives to be as non-institutionalised as possible, and to provide an environment that replicates each resident’s previous home life.

A resident's bedside table with a vase of flowers and fresh pillow.

Individuality and Specific Care

We cater for the individual needs of each resident - an essential aspect of the caring process.

It is the objective of the home that residents shall live in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment, and shall be treated with respect and sensitivity to their individual needs and abilities. Staff will be responsive to the individual needs of residents and will provide the appropriate degree of care to assure the highest possible quality of life within the home.

Two nurses reviewing a care plan with a resident.

Enjoyment and Connections

Residents may come and go, based on appropriate risk assessment, and we have someone on duty every day to organize and facilitate visits, as per current Public Health Advice. We consider social relationships with like-minded people to be of utmost importance, and we arrange a wide variety of social and recreational activities.

The main recreational and social area within the lodge.

Message Board

Since February of 2020, we have been planning and organising meticulously to ensure the highest level of safety and sanitation during the pandemic. The owners and all residents are vaccinated, and we've implemented social distancing, hand-washing, and other safety control policies.

Of course, while doing so, we have kept in mind the mental health and well-being of everyone involved. We are still able to host events and meals, and family visits can be arranged with caution and planning.